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The Decentralized Applications

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What is Ace Token?

Ace Token is Crypto-Stock managed and decentralised/issued by CrypTrade which provides DApps, products and services, or backend systems utilizing block chain technology with transparency on Ethereum block chain.

With confident that we can provide benefits to the general public, rather than existing business and economic systems, government and large enterprises, we have launched ICO cloud sales.


Ethereum Blockchain

What is Ethereum block chain?

As against Bitcoin which is receiving worldwide attention as a decentralised payment network utilizing block chain technology, it is called "world computer" and is a platform/open source software that can fully guarantee fairness and transparency that make it possible to build DApps and smart contracts utilizing block chain technology with only the system. This makes it possible to realize various business systems, services, commerce transactions and contracts around the world that were impossible until now without the intervention of reliable third party organizations.


Crypto-Stock on blockchain

What is Crypto-Stock?

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is undertaken by the companies that have block chain technology as a means of raising funds in recent years. This is a totally new way to raise business funds by selling their own cryptocurrency (also known as a token) through the Internet to the people around the world as with IPO. Although there are various ICOs in the world, it is generally classified as proprietary cryptocurrency (token) with two kinds of properties.

Ace Token issued by CrypTrade is a token (= Crypto-Stock) that is issued on Ethereum block chain by CrypTrade and has the property like a stock growing with the service developed and provided by CrypTrade.



Peer to Peer ACE TOKEN transaction by smart contract

Digital coin wallet developed by CrypTrade for multi-coin enables you to own and manage your Ace Token in addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you have one smart phone, you can always have it.

Since Ace Token enables direct interactions between individuals through Ethereum block chain, you can trade your Crypto-Stock by smart contract without going through wasteful contract process, assignment of rights, or procedure for relocation.




Block chain technology, Fintech's approach to the development market

Today, Fintech and the block chain related market is said to be a 20 trillion dollar market in the world.
In such a block chain technology market, block chain technology development budget occupies the largest share.

Cryptrade actively cooperates and provides technical support not only for its own project, but also for the development project request from companies and organizations that need block chain technology development. In doing so, we ask companies and organizations to pay a part of development cost with Ace Token in order not only to raise the corporate value of Cryptrade through technology development but also to enhance the liquidity of Ace Token by B-to-B.



ACE TOKEN ICO Crowd sale schedule

We will provide equal chances and opportunities to everyone who participated in this project earlier, including companies/organizations, etc.

The value of Ace Token is increasing day by day, based on trends/needs/technology improvement/project development/service growth, etc.

Current Ace Token rate

1BTC = 12,000 ACE

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How to participate in ICO crowd sale

For Ace Token, ICO is conducted within the above period. If you have a PC or smart phone, you can join ICO for Ace Token from all over the world.

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